Rachel Carlson has a decade plus of experience merging the knowledge and skills from the fields of education, psychology, and contemplative practices. In 2007 she joined the ranks of Teach for America, gaining a keen awareness of the existing deficiencies as well as the future possibilities in public education. Through her experience, she was sparked to explore creating more space and time for comprehensive development and human flourishing. To this end, Carlson’s roles have ranged from leading site-based programming to assessment and rehabilitation work in hospital settings; from designing curriculum around family and community engagement to authoring a chapter on building resiliency in the face of trauma; from teaching Educational Psychology to Masters students to engaging with school communities regarding the integration of contemplative practices to bolster well-being; and from engaging qualitative and quantitative methodologies to better understand daily functioning among those with chronic illness to designing curriculum on social-emotional learning (SEL). In 2014, Carlson founded Neuro Doodling, an education consulting company with underpinnings in neuroscience, child development, brain-based movement, contemplative practices, and other evidence-based practices regarding the art and science of learning. In 2016, Carlson joined Transcend Education, in partnership with Valor Collegiate Academies, as the Lead Social-Emotional Curriculum Designer + Codifier. Carlson lives with her husband and daughter in Madison, WI.