Saskia joins Transcend as Partner, Research and Development. In this role, she directly supports our school partnerships in their application of research to school design and implementation, including running research cycles, setting and accessing strong metrics, and codifying what works. She started her career collaborating on the design, measurement and codification of a school readiness intervention for preschoolers in NYC. Through this work, she gained insights into conditions necessary for applied research in schools, designing from a place of equity, and the importance of expanding learning communities to integrate family participation. Her passion and experience with translating research into practice continues to grow, most recently in her leadership role at SEO Scholars, where she led teams in the continuous development and implementation of an advisory model that focused on creating the necessary conditions to unlock students’ motivation and persistence. She enjoys collaborating on interdisciplinary teams, leveraging diverse voices and merging data with context to take productive risks.

She holds a B.S in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon and received her M.A in Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences from Columbia University. Saskia has almost lived in NYC long enough to be an honorary New Yorker and values self-reflection, curiosity and a state of perpetual beta in both her professional and personal worlds.