Sung-Ae joins Transcend having worked in education for about 14 years and comes with a wealth of experience in designing curriculum, coaching and leading teams, designing and executing adult learning and development and change management.     

She started her journey as an educator in 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona teaching 3rd, 5th and 6th Grades in low income and mostly immigrant communities.  Coming from an immigrant background herself, Sung-Ae is deeply convicted about the need to serve ALL children no matter what background and ensure that they have an equal opportunity for a great life in this country. 

After finishing her 4th year of teaching and a Masters Degree in Education, she joined Teach For America staff and served on a variety of roles at TFA on their National Teacher Preparation Support and Development team most recently as their VP of Staff Development.  She has worked in a variety of regions across the nation and experienced first hand the power that strong educational adult learning, leadership and management can have in changing real outcomes for students, families and communities.    

From there she joined the Achievement First Greenfield Project and has been working with Transcend to rethink what is possible for school models across the nation.  She comes with personal passion and drive to ensure that as a nation we start to really rethink what schooling should look like for ALL students and hopes to really be a part of the changing narrative of education for future generations.  She is particularly excited to be a part of a team that is focused on fueling innovative and scalable change as well as ensuring we are developing the next wave of talent that will lead and foster that change.    

In her free time Sung-Ae enjoys the perks of living in New York City including but not limited to trying innovative exercise classes, dining at new restaurants, modern art, spending quality time with her family or staying actively involved at church.