Norman Atkins
CEO of Relay Graduate School of Education

Andy Calkins
Deputy Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges

Matt Candler
Founder and CEO, 4.0 Schools

Aimee Eubanks Davis
Founding CEO of Braven

Mike Goldstein
Chief Academic Officer of Bridge International Academies

Alex Hernandez
Partner, Charter School Growth Fund

Michael Horn
Co-founder, Clayton Christensen Institute

Todd Kern
Founder and Principal, 2Revolutions

Vanessa Kirsch
Founder and CEO of New Profit, Inc.

Wendy Kopp
Founder, Teach For America; CEO, Teach For All

Jal Mehta
Associate Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Adam Pisoni
CEO of Always Be Learning; Co-founder / CTO of Yammer

Deborah Quazzo
Founder and Managing Partner at GSV Advisors, LLC

Gerard Robinson
Former Commissioner of Education for State of Florida and Virginia

Tom Rooney
Superintendent of Lindsay Unified School District

Chris Rush
Co-founder and Chief Program Officer of New Classrooms, Inc.

LaVerne Srinivasan
Vice President, National Program, Carnegie Corporation

Deb Sawch
Education Researcher and Co-founder, Studies in Educational Innovation at Teachers College, Columbia University

Elisa Villaneuva Beard
CEO of Teach For America

Ulrik Juul Christensen
Executive Chairman, Area9 Group