In Dissatisfied Yet Optimistic: Moving Faster Toward New Models, Transcend co-founders, Aylon Samouha and Jeff Wetzler, along with two Transcend board members, Stacey Childress and Diane Tavenner, describe a vision for better school models that prepares and inspires all students for long-term success, and an emerging theory of change for what it would take to support their design and spread in the coming years.

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As described in Dissatisfied Yet Optimistic, the path forward to create and spread these new  models must be forged by visionary school communities. However, the intense demands of operating school impede most from finding the time, capacity, or insights needed to seriously pursue innovation. That’s where Transcend comes in.

Transcend turbocharges R&D capacity to build, learn from, and spread innovative  school models for the 21st century. Through bringing evidence-based insights, expert capacity, and a diverse network of cutting-edge schools, researchers, and design talent, Transcend serves as an “R&D engine” for school communities to build and spread innovative school models.


Building the Future

Hear more about Transcend's approach from co-founder Aylon Samouha and partner Dr. Jenn Charlot: