We are in year three of this partnership, to design and pilot an elementary and middle school model New Haven, CT. Check out this case study or watch a 90 second video:


We partner with this Nashville, TN, network to refine and codify their promising model of competency-based social-emotional development and its integration with academics.


In partnership with NewSchools Venture Fund, we work with a diverse group of ten district and charter school operators on a 10-month journey to accelerate their trajectories towards next generation school models.

Participating districts and CMOs in 2016-2017 include:

  • Citizens of the World Charter Schools - Multiple Cities
  • DC Public Schools - Washington, D.C.
  • Gestalt Community Schools - Memphis, TN
  • KIPP Houston Public Schools - Houston, TX
  • Spring Branch Independent School District - Houston, TX
  • Tulsa Public Schools - Tulsa, OK
  • Camino Nuevo Charter Academy - Los Angeles, CA
  • Excel Academy Charter Schools - Boston, MA
  • Hiawatha Academies - Minneapolis, MN
  • YES Prep Public Schools - Houston, TX

Read More about the Collaborative.



We work with this Texas-based network of schools to deepen and codify their internationally recognized model, which fuses Montessori with other high performing model components, to ensure success with an intentionally diverse learner community.



A collaboration between Summit Public Schools, Lindsay Unified School District, Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL), and Transcend to produce a set of actionable tools and resources around the adult roles that foster successful personalized learning environments.



For over a year, we have been partnering with leaders from Riverdale Country School, KIPP, and Relay GSE, to build a new model of secondary education, centered around an intentionally diverse community of learners working in non-traditional (immersive, experiential, self-directed) ways to master a new set of 21st century learning targets.