The Collaborative

We believe in the unbridled potential of every student. We believe that education can be transformative--for kids, for families, for our country. We hold unrelenting optimism alongside an assessment that our current approach is not yet achieving our aspirations. In order to thrive in and transform the 21st century, we believe that we need to move towards the types of new school models described in Dissatisfied Yet Optimistic.

NewSchools Venture Fund and Transcend have partnered to create the Transcend + NewSchools Collaborative, a cohort designed to accelerate the exploration, learning, and transition of strong school districts and charter networks towards new school models. The Collaborative is designed as an opportunity to explore the frontiers of learning science, provocative new models of education, and the demands of the 21st century. Participating design teams will emerge having fortified their conviction, stoked their clarity, strengthened their capacity to innovate, and built a coalition readied to pursue true breakthroughs in schooling.

Participating districts, CMOs, and independent schools in 2017-2018 include:



Participating districts and CMOs in 2016-2017 included: