Creating and spreading breakthrough models of learning environments requires enormous capacity across a wide range of disciplines. Transcend is growing a talent force to fuel this need.

The Yellow Hats League is a diverse community of world-class experts who build and spread innovative models of education.  

We created the Yellow Hats League to build an expert talent force for the field that is passionate about transforming the design of learning environments. The League includes:

  • school leaders
  • educators
  • learning differences experts
  • staff developers
  • diversity specialists
  • social-emotional learning specialists
  • researchers
  • project managers
  • design thinking facilitators
  • change managers
  • curriculum developers
  • technologists
  • learning scientists
  • leadership coaches
  • assessment and evaluation specialists
  • and more

Inspired by how yellow hats symbolize construction, we’ve called this force the Yellow Hats League because, in short, we are builders. Yellow Hats work closely with Transcend to build knowledge, build community, and build and spread models. The Yellow Hats League is currently running as a closed beta group pilot, but we consider nominations on a periodic basis.

To find out more and see how you might be able to help, please tell us a little about yourself.