On Wednesday, December 5, at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA, Transcend Partner Tyler Thigpen will speak on a panel—”Education to what degree: The promise of education innovation”—at Breakthrough, an event hosted by Georgia Center for Opportunity.


Georgia is at a crossroads. We are enjoying the rewards of a growing economy and vibrant communities that make Georgia one of the country’s most popular places to do business and raise a family. However, hundreds of thousands of seemingly invisible men, women, and children are facing barriers that prevent them from achieving their dreams and reaching their potential, including the stain of a criminal record, being trapped in a welfare system that discourages work and family formation, and being ill-prepared for work or college as a student.

The challenges are multi-dimensional and pose threats not just to individual wellbeing, but also to continued economic growth, opportunity, and mobility.

Though the odds may seem insurmountable, these individuals can flourish if given the chance. So how do you create prosperity for those brimming with potential but faced with overwhelming barriers? The answers lie in providing meaningful opportunities to receive a good education, find gainful employment, and form and sustain healthy families.

Join us in December as some of the nation’s most innovative researchers, policy experts, and community-based practitioners lead a series of discussions on solutions that are unlocking human potential in Georgia and around the country, enabling individuals and families to flourish.

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