• Walter E. Washington Convention Center (map)
  • 801 Mt. Vernon Place NW
  • Washington, DC

We’re currently in a moment in time that challenges all of us to think deeply and expansively about the education that will set up students with the broadest range of options for success in the 21st century. Innovative educators across the country are not only rethinking the outcomes they are pursuing with students but also reimagining the core nature and design of what is a “classroom,” a “teacher,” and a “school.”  In this session we’ll engage with a variety of innovators about what students will need to thrive in a world that is increasingly complex, flat, interconnected, technological, and in need of leadership – and what this all implies for how we must fundamentally reconceive the design of classrooms, schools, and educator roles.  Each of the panelists will share how they are challenging the traditional “factory model” design of schools by creatively pioneering new models and will share the lessons they are learning in this exciting and vital journey of innovation.

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