Transcend partner, Dr. Jenn Charlot, will be facilitating at Grit+Imagination on August 1-3.



The Relay Graduate School of Education, Character Lab, and the Imagination Institute are partnering to put on a three-day summer institute for K-12 educators called Grit + Imagination: An Educator Summit in Honor of Jack Templeton.

The summit will feature presentations from renowned leaders in the field, including Angela Duckworth, who has been featured in several recent New York Times articles for her research on character education, and Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor of the New Yorker.

Join educators from across the country to learn what character-focused teaching and learning can be, why it is important, and how to implement research-informed strategies with your K-12 students.

The three-day workshop will take place at the University of Pennsylvania, August 1-3.

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