nXu (www.nxueducation.org) is a new out-of-school program that will enable high school students to explore, articulate and pursue their life purpose. We are recruiting students for the New York City pilot program from a diverse range of schools (public charter, public district, parochial and private), and we will be holding group applicant interview days on Saturday, 3/11, and Sunday, 3/12, in New York City. 

We are seeking a diverse group of individuals to serve as observers on these two days. (There will also be an observer training the afternoon on Friday, 3/10.) We can offer $600 for this weekend commitment. If you know of anyone who may be interested in serving as an observer, please contact Harley Ungar at Harley.ungar@gmail.com or at 646-526-7634

Thank you!

Stay tuned for more #TranscendEdu