• Google (map)
  • 85 10th Avenue
  • New York, NY, 10011
  • United States

We are thrilled that Transcend Co-founder Jeff Wetzler will speak at Google’s NY offices from 12-1 ET on Wednesday, March 13th.

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Education has the power to transform children's lives, opening their eyes to new possibilities, enabling them to step into their true and powerful selves, and overcoming the injustice and oppression that persist in our society. However, we're still operating within the 100+ year old "industrial" model of school, which takes a "one size fits all" approach and tends to perpetuate separation and inequities in society.

Jeff Wetzler, co-founder of national nonprofit Transcend, will facilitate an interactive conversation on the role of R&D in evolving new models of school to ensure that ALL children, particularly those who have been marginalized by the traditional design of school, can thrive today and transform the world of tomorrow.

Follow the action online at #TranscendEdu.