How might we design learning environments to cultivate specific learner outcomes?


Whether you are designing a completely new learning model or updating your approach as part of ongoing efforts to learn and improve, identifying the outcomes that learners will achieve as a result of their time with you, deliberately designing toward those outcomes, and assessing your progress along the way are critical steps.

We created the Graduate Aims Database to help!

The Database is a collection of summaries focused on research-based learning outcomes that our school partners often take influence from when constructing their own graduate aims. These outcomes fall into four broad categories that are each relevant for 21st century success:

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You can read more about these categories in our brief, Defining Graduate Aims.

To be clear—we think local communities should select their own specific graduate aims. However, existing research can be a valuable asset along the way. In fact, we’ve identified 60+ learner outcomes from the four categories above that have been studied in valuable and informative ways. While we are in the process of unpacking what the research says about many of these outcomes, we are starting with the six listed below.


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A social emotional factor

Ability to understand others’ feelings, take on their perspective, and demonstrate an appropriate emotional response.


A social emotional factor

Ability to manage one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in order to make productive choices and navigate one’s context.



A social emotional factor

Driving intention based on personal or communal interests, values, or desires.


A social emotional factor

Understanding one's own ever changing personal state including emotions, strengths, weaknesses, skills, passions, abilities, biases, privileges, and conceptions of and impact on others.


A global competency

Ability to clarify one’s intentions and goals, identify necessary actions to achieve those goals, and use available resources to accomplish them.

Critical Consciousness

A global competency

A feeling or mindset of motivation based on personal or communal interests, values, or desires.

We welcome your feedback!

Each research summary above is a live document that is routinely updated in response to feedback, which you can provide through this form.

We will share more outcomes in this Database in the coming weeks...Stay tuned!


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