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Lindsay Adapted Tools Introduction

Lindsay Adapted Tools


Lindsay Adapted Tools Introduction

Lindsay Adapted Tools

Lindsay has been moving towards a competency-based model for over ten years. This started with the creation of a strategic design, which represented a complete revisioning of what learning should be like for all Lindsay learners. To complete this redesign, all stakeholders in the community were involved, including educators, administrators, parents, local business members, and city officials (see the document: beliefs for learning, a mini-documentary, or the book: Beyond Reform).

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As Superintendent Tom Rooney has said, “There is an incredible team of principals, learning facilitators, and an entire board of education who are completely committed to realizing the vision for learning in Lindsay.” That shared commitment has led the team to collaborate with Transcend Education and Summit Public Schools to build a comprehensive, research-backed set of learner-centric Look Fors to clarify what actions learners and learning facilitators (teachers) should take to ensure a quality competency-based and personalized learning experience. The focus now is on continuing to grow educator capacity around this model. Lindsay used the Instructional Look Fors content to create clarity around personalized learning for its educators. Many of the concepts and continuous improvement processes Lindsay used along this journey are available here. Lindsay Unified was recently awarded $28.3M from the federal Teacher School Leader Incentive grant to pursue and improve many aspects of this work (learn more). 

More tangibly this looks like Lindsay building a district-wide systematic approach to support its educators based on the Look Fors, which includes, for example:

  • A scope and sequence for educators to learn and engage deeply in the Instructional Look Fors

    • Site leaders will do a deep dive on two Instructional Look Fors each month for the next 1.5 years to build shared understanding.

    • After completing each deep dive, groups of administrators will walk through learning environments (classrooms) in an attempt to calibrate on the Look Fors they see and the feedback they would provide.

  • The observation protocols and processes will focus on observing learner actions (rather than the learning facilitators).

    • Learning facilitators (teachers) will have numerous optional opportunities throughout this year of mastery from the administration to become more exposed to Look Fors.

    • Once the administration is calibrated on recognition and appropriate feedback, they will invest in professional development to ensure that learning facilitators have the same level of clarity around the Instructional Look Fors.

  • A digital tool to support all learning facilitators in building proficiency around each of the Look Fors (in partnership with Empower, Better Lesson, Reading Plus, and others)

    • This will include presentations, a video resource library, strategy guides, and other resources to clarify what these Look Fors look like in action [see example resource and presentations].

    • This will also monitor what professional learning is being completed and will link back to the Instructional Look Fors to ensure the experiences provided to learning facilitators are actually increasing their capacity and learner achievement.

As for improving site level conditions, Lindsay has built out specific site leader actions for each of the site-level conditions and Look Fors. Site leaders have been setting goals around specific actions they want to prioritize for the year to change and improve on for their site as part of their annual goal setting exercise with their coach, the Superintendent. At Lindsay, some of the site-level conditions found in the Site Level Conditions are owned more at the district level than the site level, but they are equally as important to have awareness of and to ensure are taking place (more on the Lindsay partnership and potential impact).