We are at the dawn of a new era, enabled by six conditions that make breakthroughs more possible than ever:

 Learning environment of the future.

Learning environment of the future.

Research in learning science. Findings from cognition, motivation, and brain development can transform how we understand learning.

Growth of design thinking. Applying human-centered design thinking holds tremendous potential to put students and families truly at the center.

Technology advancement. Technology can never replace caring educators connecting with students. But when applied well, it can enhance those connections, creating dramatic possibilities.

Insights about diversity and equity. There is a growing recognition of the importance of culturally responsive practices, intentionally diverse communities, and restorative orientations to behavior.

Lessons from high‐performing classrooms and schools. In recent decades, students in thousands of classrooms and schools have proved what is possible academically and illuminated crucial practices (such as data-informed instruction).

Better policy and funding conditions. More districts, states, and funders are creating conditions that enable new designs to come about. This will grow as promising examples emerge and communities demand more.

Together, these conditions have never existed in history. We are at a unique moment in time – let’s build on it!