We are thrilled that a number of Yellow Hats are proposing multiple SXSW EDU sessions about accelerating innovation in the core design of school. We invite you to take a look at the great options below and VOTE!


From Yellow Hat Christina Jean: VOTE HERE

How to Radically Change Public Education: A Model

Can I make the most impact inside or outside of the system? Should I start a school, nonprofit, after school program, or an ed tech company? Should I go into policy or stay in schools? During this hour, we will explore the nuts and bolts of a change model that rejects the premise of these questions, and instead answers the question: "What is needed to solve XYZ specific problems?". We will discuss both the theoretical principles and the mechanics of an unusual approach to system-level change.

From Yellow Hats Cynthia Leck, Jenn Charlot, and Tyler Thigpen: VOTE HERE

Designing for How Learning Happens

One of the most important questions when designing learning environments is: How does learning happen and how can we best support it? Luckily there is extensive cognitive, neurological, and psychological research that has unearthed largely agreed-upon insights about learning. This workshop will engage participants in active learning, discussion, and application of some of these insights, specifically those related to the roles that factors like cognition, identity, and others play in learning.

From Yellow Hat Jin-Soo Huh: VOTE HERE

Onboarding Teachers for Innovation with Innovation

Many schools have developed innovative models, incorporating blended/personalized learning, to better support student needs. As with any shift, engaging and developing educators is key to success! Consequently, schools are grappling with how to effectively onboard and support teachers who enter with various experience and understanding. Come tackle this challenge with the TLA Innovation Directors Network as they share tangible resources and concrete ways to strategically onboard your educators!

From Yellow Hat Beth Holland: VOTE HERE

Now What? The Back to the Future Campfire Trilogy

When we come back for SXSWedu 2020, what change will we have instituted as a result of this year's event? How will we have an inclusive conversation that yields concrete action toward re-designing the student learning experience? Many of the ideas for the future have their roots in the past, which led us to ponder Back to the Future. In this campfire, we want to look at ways to change the present so that we can alter the future and create conditions for students to become inspired learners.

From Yellow Hat Laura Flaxman: VOTE HERE

How Growth Culture Can Transform Schools

Pivot Learning has been working to help schools, districts and non-profits foster a “growth culture” within their organizations, where all individuals are encouraged, challenged, and supported to continuously improve themselves and each other. In a growth culture, every interaction, every project is an opportunity to learn. It fosters trust, honest communication, and innovation. Building a culture of growth and learning for adults can transform results for students.

From Yellow Hat Kawai Lai: VOTE HERE

Facilitating Courageous Conversations Visually

As educators leading the work around diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools, we are often called on to facilitate courageous conversations across identity, power, and difference. Though there are many dialogue models and tools, the addition of visuals can help set the stage, support thinking, and catalyze breakthroughs. Learn common facilitation models, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to manage polarity in conversations. Gain a visual toolkit to help people see perspectives more clearly.

From Yellow Hat Lindsay Kruse: VOTE HERE

Making Math Add Up For All Learners

Students are just as likely to have a learning disability in math as they are in reading, and a strong math foundation is crucial for pursuing STEM opportunities and careers. But investments in research and teaching practices for students with math learning disabilities lag significantly behind reading. Participants will experience what it means to have a math learning disability and learn high leverage, evidence-based strategies to help all students be successful.

From Yellow Hat Brandon Corley: VOTE HERE

CRE Meets CTE: The Intersection of Radical Change 

Competency based education has been around for a while now, but there are few places employing this concept to close educational opportunity gaps for students of color. We will explore some of the successes and challenges faced by a school in the Bronx as they try to bring a culturally responsive lens to the CBE conversation, and discover what it will take to bring more schools serving students of color to the CBE table.

From Yellow Hat Ben Kornell: VOTE HERE

Learning Together: A District and Startup's Journey 

Imagine what the future of education would look like if school districts worked hand-in-hand with technologists to create a learning platform that puts learners at the center. Go behind the scenes with two organizations that are doing that today: Arcadia USD and AltSchool. Experience how a stable school district and an agile startup share a common vision and purpose. See how they collaborate to build tools that support learner-centered experiences for students in a truly personalized way.

From Yellow Hat Laura Flaxman: VOTE HERE

Rethinking High School 

We've been working to transform high schools using design thinking and industry partners to integrate work-based learning and project-based learning into the student experience. Our approach is to transform how we think about—and organize—high school programs. This session incites discussion about different ways of truly transforming the school experience, making it much more relevant, and building learning environments that foster creativity and innovation, engaging adolescents along the way.

From Yellow Hat Kawai Lai: VOTE HERE

Draw to Teach: Use Visuals to Be More Effective

You know that drawing when you’re teaching has many benefits for students. Drawing increases student engagement and helps kids SEE what you mean. When you draw, you set an example for your students to use drawing as an extension of their own thinking. Yet, “I can’t draw” is what you hear in your head. This is the workshop for teachers who believe in the power of visuals but may not be confident in their own drawing abilities to draw when teaching.

From Yellow Hats Alex Bragg and James Campbell: VOTE HERE

More Girls in STEAM: Put STEAM Tools in Girls' Hands

Just a quick glance at statistics and you see numbers that reveal the lack of women in STEAM-related fields. It could leave you throwing your hands up frustrated and discouraged. This workshop will give you practical ideas about how to engage girls in STEAM opportunities and how these opportunities could then lead to interest in STEAM careers. Participants will hear a brief case study, engage in hands on activities and dissect how these activities can develop into authentic teaching strategies.

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