We are thrilled that a number of Yellow Hats are proposing multiple SXSW EDU sessions about reimagining school as we know it. We invite you to take a look at the great options below and VOTE!


From Yellow Hat Jin-Soo Huh: VOTE HERE

Modeling Best Practices: Strategic PD For Educator

Looking for ways to revamp & revitalize your current approach to professional learning for innovative models? Come join a team of district & ecosystem leaders in a hands-on workshop where you will explore key tangible, practice-based strategies around on-boarding, effective adult learning, & creative ways to package your PD to inspire & engage. The workshop will include insights, an exploration of resources, and time for action planning so that you can apply your learning immediately!

From Yellow Hats Caleb Collier, Jenn Charlot, and Ami Gandhi: VOTE HERE

Designing for Learning - Applying Learning Science

How does learning happen, and how can we design environments to support it? Research has given us important insights and models to help school designers answer these questions, but this research base is extensive, complex, and encumbered by the design of traditional schools. Transcend’s Designing for Learning resources summarize in digestible and actionable ways what is known about how learning happens. This panel will discuss how designers are applying these resources to learning environments.

From Yellow Hat Nicole Ramos: VOTE HERE

Fixing The 98% Gap: Scaling Civic & Citizenship Ed

Only 2% of young people have access to civics & citizenship education. One organization alone cannot fix the gap - we need an ecosystem approach. Join us for the public launch of Composer, a new digital platform founded by an unlikely civics and citizenship collaborative. Hear a powerful case study on what happens when content providers put students at the center. The result is a free tool that empowers schools to search, create, and deliver curated content, backed by learning science.

From Yellow Hat Adam Kulaas: VOTE HERE

Launch: Empowering Students With Solution Mindset

Design Thinking has created a launch pad for educators to reimagine their approach to increasing student access, agency, and voice --but it's not enough. Successful navigation on a path that intersects with the future of learning and work, lies in each students ability to engage a solution mindset and unlocks ownership towards the destination that they choose. In this session, we will unpack an inspiring framework for educators at all levels, to map an experience that drives possibility.

From Yellow Hat Amara Lynch: VOTE HERE

Organizational Culture: A Lever For Transformation

Three businesses that work relentlessly to realize the potential of each and every employee are the subject of a book published in 2016 called An Everyone Culture. The book introduces the concept of a growth culture and uses case studies to show how such cultures drive breakthrough organizational performance. Now, work is being done to bring growth cultures to schools and districts. Come hear about how creating a growth culture for adults can transform our ability to effectively serve kids.

From Yellow Hat Lindsay Kruse: VOTE HERE

Be The Bridge: Guiding ELL Families In Special Ed

Drawing on new content created by Understood, this workshop will discuss effective strategies for supporting English Learners who have learning and thinking differences, such as dyslexia and ADHD. In addition to debunking common myths about this student population, this workshop will help participants understand how to support and engage English Learners and families as they go through the special education process.

From Yellow Hat Robert Barnett: VOTE HERE

3 Transformative Strategies For Modern Classrooms

How can tech transform classrooms into places of true learning? Award-winning educator Kareem Farah will explain how 3 concrete strategies - replacing lectures with teacher-created videos; student self-pacing; and mastery-based assessment - amplify educators’ authentic voices, facilitate better learning experiences/relationships in the classroom, and give ALL students the 21st-century skills and mindsets to excel. Modern Classrooms empower teachers to teach and students to learn - come see how!

From Yellow Hat Robert Barnett: VOTE HERE

Can Tech Make Relationships More Personal? 

For many, “online learning” conjures images of children spending hours with their eyes glued to screens. But despite the prevalence of this stereotype, the reality in many classrooms looks quite different. When teachers use online learning to free their time from direct instruction, they can empower, rather than diminish, their relationships with their students. On this panel, teachers and researchers will discuss how they’ve seen technology impact classroom relationships.

From Yellow Hat Chris Huizenga: VOTE HERE

It Makes You Think: An Education Talk Show 

"It Makes You Think," a 60-min podcast talk show launching in August 2019, examines the intersection of learning, development, and design with a twist of fun mixed in. Our guests are shaking up the future of education and leadership. At SXSW EDU, we’ll discuss their work in education, and explore how their work impacts their lives, those around them, and the future of the field. Audience interaction will help capture guests’ stories. The show will feature two speakers and a musical guest.

From Yellow Hat Vanessa Wilkins: VOTE HERE

Just Do It! Partnerships For Scaling Impact 

Learn how business and philanthropy can scale impact by partnering with educators and nonprofit leaders. NIKE led a unique public-private partnership to scale AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) statewide in Oregon. NIKE leveraged its talent and resources to amplify impact. Local foundations collaborated for scale. AVID helps 7,000 schools across the US shift to a more equitable, student centered approach, training 80,000 educators annually to close the opportunity gap.

From Yellow Hat Kellyanne Mahoney, Youth Program Specialist, Autodesk: VOTE HERE

Make Code You Can Touch

Can coding enhance human imagination? During this session, you will learn about the concept of generative design and how and why humans are leveraging advanced computing to make things like art, buildings, and products. You will make your computational thinking visible through analyzing, creating, and remixing interesting algorithm components using Tinkercad Codeblocks. You will also learn how to engage young people in a discussion about the impact of automation on society.

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