What is your dream for school and the kinds of experiences you wish for your learners?

Transcend is seeking to understand the greatest hopes, needs, and opportunities facing schools. The educators at the classroom, school, and system level that have responded to date have shared some interesting trends.

Examples of trends we’re already seeing from survey respondents:

  • Educators feel more satisfied around how well they are serving their students in core academics, but less satisfied about how well they are serving their students in skills to participate in and change the world, effectively make decisions and interact with others, and social emotional factors

  • Educators find the most promising ideas to help them attain their school aims to be ones that:

    • Increase how much choice learners have over what/how/when/where they learn

    • Move to a way of school where learners “advance” based on mastery

    • Enable learners to engage in ways that match their unique goals and differences

  • Being able to see a solution, program, or model in action has made the biggest difference in its success at their schools

As a classroom, school, or system leader, what do you think? Do these early trends resonate or do you have a different perspective? We hope to hear from you via the survey as we continue to hone insights and implications for our work in the next few weeks!

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