We are fired up that a number of Yellow Hats are presenting exciting SXSW EDU sessions about accelerating innovation in the core design of school.

If you're attending SXSW EDU this March 2018, check out these MUST SEE sessions...

Brandon Corley  |  The 7%: Preparing Men of Color for the Classroom

About 7% of all teachers are males of color. This workshop will look at a colloquium on five campuses in NYC created to discuss the impact of race, gender, and language on classroom leaders. The colloquium was designed to engage pre-service teachers in discussions about the field they will soon enter and recruit males of color who had yet committed to entering the teaching ranks. We will look at this model to develop more ways to engage students on campus and recruit them to become teachers.

Deborah Chang  |  Growing an Engaged Education Community

Have you ever wanted to improve your community & not known how to get started? Education community organizers bring together people & organizations to improve learning opportunities in their community. We’ll provide you with strategies, programs, & resources that will help on your journey towards improving your community. When you leave the room, you’ll have a vision, next steps & at least one person to collaborate with when you get home. 

Beth Holland + Dr. Reshan Richards  |  Blending Leadership

Transforming schools qualifies as a "wicked problem" - one that cannot be addressed in a traditional, linear fashion - and thus requires a set of "wicked tools." Using blended learning and improvement science as a roadmap for change, come gain a new set of resources and strategies to lead innovation in your organization. This fast-paced, hands-on session will provide participants an opportunity to develop concrete action plans that they can take back to their schools and districts.

Dr. Mark Martin + Tobie Baker-Wright + Dr. Jeremiah Newell  |  Educating Across the Aisle

This panel explores tangible programs that have broad support across political ideology and affiliation. Although much of what we read, hear, and see presents polarized portrayals of the world, we know that more often than not there are many lines of similar thought and conviction that unite people and groups towards a common goal. The projects presented in this panel focus on putting children, families, and communities first, and politics and ideology a distant second.


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