By Transcend Co-Founders Aylon Samouha and Jeff Wetzler

We need to accelerate our move from reforming to reimagining “schooling” in the United States. We’re looking for team members to join Transcend as Partners - Build Models and lead our efforts to do just that.

It’s not enough to focus on academic gaps because our gaps don’t end with mere academic proficiency. Gaps in opportunities are still greater…

….the opportunity to receive a multi-dimensional and fully enriched education,

….the opportunity to hone and develop empathy, cultivate creativity, and other habits that we know increase success and happiness in life,

….the opportunity to pursue your own hopes and dreams with agency and purpose,

….the opportunity to be wildly motivated to truly master a craft (academic or otherwise) or create something new or throw your whole self into a social or community cause.

Many students get these opportunities, sometimes in school, much more frequently out of school. And most students never get these opportunities at all. And, in a way that is intertwined in all of this, we know that we have persistent privilege gaps. The privilege to learn, work, and live in a society that preferences the dominant culture. The privilege to have a college degree translate into real economic freedom. The privilege to not fear wearing a hoodie around a police officer. 

In its current form, school will never reach our highest aspirations -- even with our herculean efforts. It was never designed for anything close to this. But the system as we know it can be redesigned.

Transcend partners with visionary school communities across the country to design, build, and codify innovative models of learning that consider at least three major inputs:

  • What do our students and families most want and need? We cannot organize around the phantom average any longer
  • Future trends and what our students will most need to be successful in a rapidly changing world- As Wayne Gretzky points out, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”
  • What we know about learning science -- including motivation, cognition, and identity development

We are looking for leaders with deep experience in leading change efforts in schools and a deep conviction that we need to accelerate the innovation of school models. If that is you, we want to meet you-- in fact, we wanted to meet you yesterday, but we’ll settle for meeting you today.

Join us for a Q&A with my co-founder, Jeff Wetzler, members of our team, and me. Sign up for more info here.

You can also help by:

  1. Reaching out if you’re interested: Comment below and/or reach out to me aylon@transcendeducation and cc our team
  2. Sending us three names of folks you think we need to have on our team
  3. Looking at other roles we’re looking to add to our team and throwing your name in the ring if any feel like a good fit
  4. Sharing this post!