By Guest Blogger Dr. Eric Tucker, Executive Director of Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School.

"Data can be a tremendous asset to mobilizing school communities and unlocking the potential of teachers and learners. At Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School (LAB) real-time, ongoing assessment that informs educator practice, coupled with personalized learning, serve as the primary drivers of academic achievement.

School leadership and data are inextricably tied, in part because actionable evidence enables educators who are urgent about getting the job done to demand excellence of themselves and others. Operational, instructional, and assessment data allow leaders who are willing to learn (and humble enough to own when something is not working) to use evidence to inform effective academic systems; achieve consistent behavior and cultural norms; coach and develop exceptional teachers; refine college ready programs; and optimize meaningful learning time.

Data bolsters every aspect of a leader’s role, including:

  • Supporting students to learn and achieve;
  • Gauging whether specific goals are evidenced throughout the school;
  • Orienting conversations about mission advancement;
  • Indicating predictability of routines and expectations across classrooms;
  • Facilitating clear and frequent communication with parents; and
  • Shrinking long-standing equity and accessibility gaps.

In this post, I’ll outline three specific ways in which data matters to LAB."

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