Transcend is hiring for a few key roles:

  • Our First Ever Director of Finance + Operations, focused on financial analysis, modeling, and reporting and HR operations.

  • Research & Knowledge Development Associate focused on identifying research and practice-based examples and creating actionable resources that can influence school design.

  • Two Ops roles:

    • an Operations Specialist, Dream & Discover, focused on planning and executing the operations for powerful adult learning experiences and more

    • an Operations Coordinator (Application Deadline is this Monday, April 22nd), who will lead our efforts to stay efficient and stay organized in our pursuit of transformative results for kids

  • (coming soon) Learning Engineer focused on supporting research / learning cycles internally and with early stage partners -- if you would like more information when this role is live, add your email here.

Join us for a Open Roles Q&A video call on May 1st at 5 pm et!

About Transcend and More Details on the Open Roles

Transcend is education’s “R&D Engine,” enabling communities to imagine, create, and spread learning environments that truly prepare all students for what the future demands. We do this by playing two vital roles:

  1. We expand the supply of innovative, replicable school models to give communities everywhere a broader and more diverse range of options to adopt

  2. We grow demand and readiness for innovation in communities across the country, so they are eager to adopt these models and innovate in effective ways.

To play these roles, we are building three core assets that not only serve our work but also grow the field’s capacity for R&D in critical ways:

  • World-class school design offerings that support communities as they imagine, design, build, test, codify, and share innovative school models

  • An open-source knowledge hub that captures, synthesizes, and shares key insights, evidence, and products to reimagine school

  • A vibrant network of schools, talent, experts, other education nonprofits, and funders who support and amplify our - and each other’s - work.

Director of Finance & Operations

As the first Director of Finance and Operations on our team, you will lead and improve upon our financial and operational systems, develop new approaches to better support our team as we grow, and provide hands-on support to budget managers. By stewarding and managing our financial resources and operations, you will get a birds-eye view of an entrepreneurial nonprofit in action, and provide critical support to people across the organization.

Research & Knowledge Development Associate

You’ll have opportunities to:

  • Develop resources (e.g. lit reviews, case studies, other medium) that may be published on Transcend’s website

  • Influence the next breakthrough ‘school’ models

  • Work closely with Transcend’s Build Knowledge team

  • Contribute on the cutting-edge of school model design

Operations Specialist, Dream & Discover

You will be a core member of our Dream & Discover team within the School Partnerships function, and you will manage the operations and logistics for multiple cohorts of system and school leaders who are at the earliest stages of redesigning their school models. (You can see an example of what this experience has looked like in prior years here). You’ll be in charge of planning and executing on-the-ground operations for multiple in-person Convenings per year, drafting and managing important communications, masterminding travel plans and vendor negotiations, and ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for Transcend partners throughout the cohort-based experiences.

Operations Coordinator

You believe deeply that all students deserve an excellent education, and that too few receive that today. You excel at thinking through all the small, behind-the-scenes details that create powerful, nurturing experiences for all. You take initiative, manage your time effectively, and pride yourself on your ability to get and stay organized. You enjoy helping others get organized, too (if only your best friend would ask for help tackling their closets...). You’re optimistic, a problem-solver, and enjoy finding flexible, effective solutions where there’s not always a “right” answer. You’re open to feedback, eager to grow, and bring your best to everything you do. You like being part of a team, and make and keep friends easily. You have a sense of humor, and want to work with others who do, too!  

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