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Jeff, Co-Founder of Transcend, Father of 2, NY

Think for a moment about a child that you care about – it could be your child, a niece or nephew, or a child you taught.  Take a minute to think about the child and tell me what makes them unique.

We can use my son, Jacob.  He’s ten years old and just finished fourth grade so he’s going to start middle school next year.  I just yesterday dropped him off for his first time at sleepaway camp – he’s going to a science and technology themed sleepaway camp for a week.  It’s one of the things he’s excited about.  He also loves karate.  It’s one of his favorite things to do and he wants to be a karate instructor when he’s older.

Think about Jacob when he’s all grown up, when he’s out of school in his 30s – what would be a good or successful life?

I want, first and foremost, for him to be happy and fulfilled.  And I want him to be himself and think about what is his passion, and what is his unique gift and contribution, and I want him to use those to make the world a better place.

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