We are thrilled that a number of Yellow Hats are proposing multiple exciting SXSW EDU sessions about accelerating innovation in the core design of school. We invite you to take a look at the great options below and VOTE!


From Yellow Hat Stacy Kane: VOTE HERE

Female Trailblazers in Technology

XQ Female School Leaders and national expert discuss how women are leading the way in technology and how young women are empowered to do the same. The panel will be facilitated by a national expert on technology and audience will hear from two XQ School Leaders on specific strategies that their schools are implementing in this space.


Via Yellow Hat Ivan Cestero: VOTE HERE

Design 4 Impact: Design Thinking in K-12 Education

This summit explores social innovation as a vehicle for real-world problem solving, design thinking, entrepreneurialism, service, and student-led work. Students and teachers from D4i at Avenues will present their projects, including design challenges, original curriculum, and a conference hosted at the school.


From Yellow Hat Beth Holland: VOTE HERE

Blending Leadership: Strategies for Leading Change

Transforming schools qualifies as a "wicked problem" - one that cannot be addressed in a traditional, linear fashion - and thus requires a set of "wicked tools." Using blended learning and improvement science as a roadmap for change, come gain a new set of resources and strategies to lead innovation in your organization. This fast-paced, hands-on session will provide participants an opportunity to develop concrete action plans that they can take back to their schools and districts


From Yellow Hat Laura Flaxman: VOTE HERE

Unlocking Time: A New Look at Master Scheduling

Schools today are constrained by time and resources and face countless scheduling tradeoffs to achieve goals and productivity. We will empower school teams with the tools and processes to help them effectively redesign scheduling, teaching, and learning. Through change design and a dynamic school scheduling platform, we will illustrate how to streamline master scheduling, achieve strategic learning goals, and support the diverse needs of all students and teachers.


From Yellow Hat Mark Martin: VOTE HERE

Educating Across the Aisle

This panel explores practical ideas that are being implemented that have broad support across political ideology and affiliation. Although much of what we read, hear, and see presents polarized portrayals of the world, we know that more often than not there are many lines of similar thought and belief that unite people and groups towards a common goal. The projects presented in this panel focus on putting children, families, and communities first, and politics and ideology a distant second.


From Yellow Hat Jin-Soo Huh: VOTE HERE

Case Study on Scaling & Evolving Next Gen Schools

The early wave of schools implementing next gen models with personalized learning are now maturing. Distinctive Schools, part of this early wave, will share how they took time to reflect to plan their next stage of evolution. Members of the team will discuss what research and experiences informed their next steps and the process used to create a strategy to develop the model further. The team will share lessons learned, progress, next steps, and tools used and developed for this process.


Lastly, from Yellow Hat Jason Weeby: VOTE HERE

Designing Education Policies for Humans

What happens when the freewheeling and glam world of human-centered design collides with the distant and analytical world of public policy? In this workshop, we'll show you that human-centered design methods can and should apply to policy making where the experiences of people closest to problems should directly inform policy solutions. Join us as policy and design pros demonstrate how human-centered design puts real people facing real challenges at the forefront of creating policy solutions.