Whether it’s how to overcome a barrier or how and when to build something new, we’re always keen to learn—and share—ways we can accelerate innovation and equity in the core design of school.

The following articles and videos caught our attention of late, and we think they’ll catch yours.

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High School Doesn’t Have to Be Boring via NYTimes by Sarah Fine and Transcend Advisor Jal Mehta.

RISE: Voice of a New Generation a film by One Stone with Yellow Hat Caitlyn Scales.

A District's Vision Driven by Diverse Local Voices by Yellow Hat Adriana Martinez.

When Will K-12 Classrooms Scrap Those Age-Old, Rigid Desk-Chairs? via EdWeek with quotes from Transcend Senior Fellow Sujata Bhatt.

Success Plans for every child via the Ed Redesign Lab.

What the best high schools have in common—mastery, identity, & creativity via The74 with Sarah Fine and Transcend Advisor Jal Mehta.

Yellow Hat Ashley Pina’s podcast, Curiouser and curiouser.

This Queen’s University Seminar and this MAPLE Podcast on The Human Side of Changing Education by Yellow Hat Julie Wilson.

Developing Wayfinders with Learning Plans via Yellow Hat Jin-Soo Huh.

Reggio Emilia: The Future of Learning Has Roots in the Past (via Getting Smart) and Demystifying Blended Learning: Lessons from History to Guide the Future by Yellow Hat Beth Holland.

Abl’s new white paper, Reimagining Time in School for All Students: A white paper for school and district leaders.

Is it possible to go deep in high school? Maybe, but excitement is mandatory via Washington Post.

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