How might we overcome barriers to school redesign? How might we accelerate innovation and equity in the core design of school? Of late these articles have inspired us…

Four Ways to Think About the Systems That Are Keeping New York City’s Specialized High Schools Segregated (via The74) via Transcend Board Member Jean-Claude Brizard.

What does personalized learning really look like? by Yellow Hat Nik Namba.

How to make high schools better for students (via Los Angeles Times) from Sarah Fine and Transcend Advisor Jal Mehta.

What Does Your School Schedule Say About Equity? More Than You Think (via EdSurge) by Transcend Advisor Adam Pisoni and Diane Conti.

Believing that education systems should provide all children the full opportunity to pursue their best destinies, our friends at New Profit penned “Parent Power Is Key to Changing Education Systems, and Measurement Is Key to Scaling Parent Power” at The74 about their new Parent Empowerment in Education resource.

Richard Levine/Corbis via Getty Images

Richard Levine/Corbis via Getty Images

To Reimagine the Future of Education, Innovation Isn’t Enough — We Need Inventions for an Entirely New Vision of Teaching and Learning (also via The74) by Kelly Young, ED of Education Reimagined, and Josh Schachter, CommunityShare founder and Yellow Hats League member.

We Need to Humanize Education More Than We Need to Personalize Learning (via EdSurge) by Yellow Hat Randy Weiner.

The Physics of Change (via Education Reimagined) by Yellow Hat Ben Owens.

Want More Thoughtful Students? Get Them to Ask These Questions via Yellow Hat Glenn Whitman and The CTTL team.

Strategies for Tackling Digital Equity (via Getting Smart) by Yellow Hat Beth Holland.

Empower Learners to Shape Their Own 'School' Day — In and Out of Classrooms (via Real Clear Policy) by Tony Lewis and Yellow Hat Amy Anderson.

What schools can learn from OrangeTheory about differentiating instruction (via Fordham Institute) by Michael J. Petrilli.

The challenge of being a black principal in today’s racial and political climate (via the Chicago Reporter) by LeeAndra Khan.

A school that embraces the ‘messy, personalized’ journey to competency (via Medium) by the XQ team.

EduLeaders of Color Rhode Island: A Conversation with Karla Vigil via Education Reimagined.

How $5B Could Provide A Great Education For Every Kid On Earth (via Forbes) by Tom Vander Ark.

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