Transcend’s Yellow Hats League continues to grow with innovators who inform, design, and spread innovative learning environments. This month, we are pleased to spotlight Marcos and Brittney.

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Marcos Alcozer is the Program Director for DataViz Starter Pack. DataViz is a free program offered to small school districts to help them get started with looking at data. The DataViz team builds a full data infrastructure in a district’s Google Cloud, connecting all key data systems to Google Data Studio. DataViz then supports the data analyst in creating their report library of data dashboards. Prior to joining InnovateEDU to kickstart DataViz, Marcos was the founding Director of Technology and Data at Intrinsic Schools, a high performing 7 to 12th grade school on the Northwest side of Chicago which focuses on blended and personalized learning. About Yellow Hats Marcos writes, “I love digging into the work that happens at the intersection of education, technology, and data, and I’m excited to be in the Yellow Hats community!”

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Brittney Toles is the founding High School Guide and Administrator at The Forest School: An Acton Academy in southeast Atlanta. An outdoor educator, counselor, youth advocate, and former college athlete, Brittney first worked as Teen Leadership Coordinator for Lake Valley Camp—a nonprofit serving inner-city youth in Milwaukee—at which she developed her passion for connecting outdoor education, team building, and life skills development. Later Brittney worked for Southwest Key Programs as the Mentor Recruitment Specialist where she ran the Mentoring Program, regularly connecting youth to passionate, positive, and caring adults and to opportunities in the community. As a Socratic Guide at The Forest School, Brittney leads a community of high schoolers to find a calling that will change the world. She has made it her life mission to use positivity and humility to impact each person she encounters so that they may in turn do the same for someone else. About the League Brittney writes, “It has been very informative, and I'm honored to be apart of such a distinct group!”

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