At Transcend, we consider multiple levels of engagement:

Dedicated R&D Partnerships

We work together deeply, often over multiple years, to imagine, design, build, study, codify, and/or spread breakthrough school models. With a partnership orientation and a passion for rigor, Transcend contributes cutting-edge knowledge on key innovation questions and world class talent to complement leaders from within a school community, and expertise on innovation.  

Cohort-based Partnerships

Transcend also runs regional cohorts (city-based, statewide, or across multiple states) for design teams (typically comprised of educators, school leaders, and/or system leaders) who want to reimagine school as we know it. Over nine months, teams attend in-person convenings and work with a dedicated Transcend coach to articulate a long term vision for their school design and pilot early ideas to test what works. We leverage user-centered design, the science of learning and development, provocative inspiration visits, and rapid prototyping to create a powerful learning experience and launch sustained innovation in communities across the country.

National Design Accelerator (NEW!)

For school leaders who are launching a new school or relaunching an existing site, Transcend offers the Design Accelerator. The Design Accelerator is a lighter-touch, self-directed, nine-month school design journey that combines support from a Transcend coach, access to all of Transcend’s resources and network, and engagement with a national virtual cohort of like-minded leaders on a similar journey. This program leverages many of the same concepts and tools (user centered design, the science of learning and development, provocative inspiration visits, rapid prototyping) as the Cohort-based Partnerships program. You can learn more here and express your interest here.

Advisory Partnerships

In some cases, we consider lighter-touch engagements to provide customized supports to school operators at a particular stage of the innovation process. We use a variety of collaborative methods including discussions, half- or full-day sessions, strategic planning seminars, school site visits, and more. We also connect school operators with our Yellow Hats League and exemplar schools to inform the design process and broaden their support network.


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