At Transcend, we consider multiple levels of engagement:

Dedicated R&D Partnerships

We work together deeply, often over multiple years, to imagine, design, build, study, codify, and/or spread breakthrough school models. With a deep partnership orientation and a passion for rigor, Transcend contributes cutting-edge knowledge on key innovation questions and world class talent to complement leaders from within a school community, and expertise on innovation.  

Cohort-based Partnerships

We also partner with cohorts of forward-thinking school operators to rethink “school” design and to begin to design breakthrough models. Often over the span of nine months, we use research and practice studies, cross-cohort collaboration, coaching sessions, and convenings to explore the future of learning, to develop a richer understanding of the dreams of students and parents from respective communities, and to build and/or refine plans for bold new school models that foster community enthusiasm.

Advisory Partnerships

In limited cases, we consider lighter-touch engagements to provide customized supports to school operators at a particular stage of the innovation process. We use a variety of collaborative methods including discussions, half- or full-day sessions, strategic planning seminars, school site visits, and more. We also connect school operators with world-class assets, R&D talent, and exemplar schools to inform the design process and broaden their support network.


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