For your summer reading list, we’ve unearthed a few sources of insight and provocation for various aspects of the innovation process.

Most are authored by folks in Transcend’s network—including district leaders, school designers, consultants, and researchers.

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Transformation Science: The Emerging Practice of Next Gen Change Management by Transcend Advisor Andy Calkins

In Search of Deeper Learning via Harvard Edcast, featuring Sarah Fine and Transcend Advisor Jal Mehta

Can Schools be Agile? by Yellow Hat Ben Owen

New Legislation to Tackle the Digital Divide by Yellow Hat Beth Holland

An Onboarding Course to Help Your New Edtech Hires Empathize With Educators by Yellow Hat Dan Carroll

Going for Depth: How Schools and Teachers Can Foster Meaningful Learning Experiences featuring Sarah Fine and Transcend Advisor Jal Mehta

Bringing the Joy Back to School by Yellow Hat Vanessa Wilkins

Across the Country, Communities Are Creating New Ways for Students to Learn — and Empowering Them to Succeed by Yellow Hats Amy Anderson and Nate McClennen

Changing Mindsets by Yellow Hat James Bailey

Engaging Students from the Start by Yellow Hat Alex Bragg

Meet the school with no classes, no classrooms and no curriculum via Medium

Method Kit—a large collection of kits to help you discuss and develop everything from projects to cities

What is Anti-Bias Education? via the National Association for the Education of Young Children

Lehman Graduation Goes High-Tech with New Digital Diploma via Lehman College

Radically Reimagined Relationships: The Foundation of Engagement via the ASTRA Foundation

Piloting mindfulness in schools via the Mindfulness Director Initiative

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