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Transcend fuels R&D so visionary educators can develop and spread breakthrough “school” models



Transcend fuels R&D so visionary educators can develop and spread breakthrough “school” models

We partner with district, charter, and independent school operators throughout the R&D journey:


We provide and develop world-class R&D capacity that supports visionary education leaders to build and replicate breakthrough learning environments. There is no standard recipe to our projects. We approach each partnership flexibly, meeting our partners where they are and working together to accelerate breakthroughs. In some cases, we work directly with individual school operators; other times, we work with groups or networks.

We consider multiple partnership opportunities across the public, private, and charter school sectors.


Examples of partnerships we undertake: 


Let’s start from the very beginning...

With school operators who are ready to embark on a new journey of blue sky-innovation and want to go from concept to creation…
We partner to conceive, build, launch, iterate, and ultimately codify breakthrough new models. 


Let’s turbo-charge progress...

With school operators who have already started down the path of school model innovation…
We partner to help them undertake cycles of learning and iteration, build key elements of the model, and overcome barriers to breakthroughs.


Let’s bottle the magic...

With school operators who have successfully developed highly promising models…
We partner to codify: 1) all key elements of the model needed for replication and 2) the conditions, culture, and processes that have enabled the development and ongoing iteration of the model.


Let’s spread success...

With school operators who want to be early adopters of already developed, highly promising models…
We partner to customize and help them adapt these models to their communities, thereby reaping the benefits from prior R&D investments.

Current partnerships include:


Current partnerships include:



We are in year three of this partnership, to design and pilot an elementary and middle school model New Haven, CT. Check out this case study or watch a 90 second video:


We partner with this Nashville, TN, network to refine and codify their promising model of competency-based social-emotional development and its integration with academics.


In partnership with NewSchools Venture Fund, we work with a diverse group of district, charter, and private school operators on a 10-month journey to accelerate their trajectories towards next generation school models.

Participating districts, CMOs, and independent schools in 2017-2018 include:

  • Bard High School Early College - New York, NY
  • Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York - New York, NY
  • Chicago International Charter School - Chicago, IL
  • Collegiate Academics - New Orleans, LA
  • Edgecombe County Public Schools - Tarboro, NC
  • Ednovate - Los Angeles, CA
  • Education Leaders of Color
  • San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District - San Marcos, TX
  • Strive Preparatory Schools - Denver, CO
  • The STEAM Center - Brooklyn Navy Yard + New York Department of Education, NY

Read More about the Collaborative.



We work with this Texas-based network of schools to deepen and codify their internationally recognized model, which fuses Montessori with other high performing model components, to ensure success with an intentionally diverse learner community.



A collaboration between Summit Public Schools, Lindsay Unified School District, Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL), and Transcend to produce a set of actionable tools and resources around the adult roles that foster successful personalized learning environments.



For over a year, we have been partnering with leaders from Riverdale Country School, KIPP, and Relay GSE, to build a new model of secondary education, centered around an intentionally diverse community of learners working in non-traditional (immersive, experiential, self-directed) ways to master a new set of 21st century learning targets.



We partner with this Minneapolis, MN, network to design and develop a reimagined middle school model that is child-centered and reflective of a community-driven design process to attain exceptional and meaningful academic results.


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We partner with this Los Angeles, CA based network of intentionally diverse schools, to redesign a middle school experience that deeply engages the critical thinking and cognitive skills of all students, in order to create a powerful globally-oriented learning community.


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We partner with this Memphis, TN based network to re-imagine its middle school design toward a more personalized, community-embedded, and responsive student experience with integrated technology and rigorous curriculum standards.


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We partner with Spring Branch Independent School District in Texas, to launch a micro-school pilot to test more relevant and personalized approaches to middle school. We also support their efforts in creating an innovation incubator within their district to help many more schools forge bold visions for learning in the 21st century.


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We partner with Van Ness Elementary School in the DC Public Schools to reimagine their elementary learning experience by incorporating explicit socio-emotional instruction in the core academic program and implementing project-based learning complimented by real work experiences.