Now is the time to innovate. 

Traditional school model

Traditional school model

The traditional design of schooling – known as the “industrial model” – was created for a time that is long behind us. The model served important purposes, and committed educators have worked tirelessly to squeeze out every drop of value to benefit countless children.  

And yet. Despite decades of “reforms,” most U.S. schools still fail to sufficiently prepare students academically, let alone address broader goals. Students from low-income backgrounds and students with learning differences get especially underserved. Even our highest performing schools struggle with sustainability, scaling, and long term success for all students.  

On top of this, our world is fast changing. It’s becoming more complex. More interconnected. It desperately needs leaders. In this world, our children need more than academic skills and content knowledge. They also need learning mindsets, creativity, communication and collaboration abilities, and personal leadership.

Together, these conditions call for fundamentally new learning environments – tweaks around the edges just won’t cut it.