We partner flexibly with school operators in the district, charter, and independent school sectors. 

We are excited to work with school operators who are new to whole-school innovation, as well those already pursuing innovation but looking to turbo-charge learning, progress, or codification. 

We seek out five characteristics in our school partners:

  1. Vision and courage – bold ideas about student learning and willingness to question conventional assumptions
  2. Innovation mindset - recognition that we will never “arrive” at perfection, but rather need cultures and models that are ever learning and evolving
  3. Collaborative orientation – high value on deep engagement with students, families, and communities in the process
  4. Ability to execute – skills and experience to successfully move an idea into action
  5. Time and resources to do it right -- can devote and enlist the resources required to truly prioritize this work

Transcend is actively seeking visionary district, charter, and independent school partners for upcoming projects. 

Curious to explore? Email us at explore@transcendeducation.org. We’d love to connect