Yellow Hats League Touchpoint

July 2018



Thank you in advance for touching base with Yellow Hats!

We see this project as a great way for you to make deeper connections and for us to help one another brainstorm about ways people can maximize the Yellow Hats League.

Guidance for your calls:

  1. Set up 30-minute calls with your assigned Yellow Hats.

  2. Ideally via Slack (or via email if they're not responsive on Slack), share this "Thirteen Ways" form with each Yellow Hat in advance of your call and kindly request they read it in advance and reflect on the questions.

  3. On the call discuss the topics on the form below, completing the form during your discussion and referencing the "Thirteen Ways" form as necessary.

  4. Lastly, Slack Carlos and Tyler with any recommended changes to the form below or the process outline above.
Name of Yellow Hat *
Name of Yellow Hat
Name of Summer Community Steward *
Name of Summer Community Steward
From the "Thirteen Ways" form, which ways have they already gained value from the League? *
Check all that apply
Moving forward, which of the "Thirteen Ways" opportunities would they like to see more of? *
Check all that apply
For reference:

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