In addition to expertise within the areas needed for projects reimagining education, Yellow Hats also have strong:




Allows a candidate to be highly motivated by Transcend’s work and to thrive in its culture. A successful candidate:

  • Believes deeply that all students deserve an excellent education and that too few receive one

  • Demonstrates passion for creating innovative, breakthrough school models that generate unprecedented results for students

  • Thrives in entrepreneurial environments; enjoys finding flexible solutions and navigates ambiguity effectively

  • Brings a collaborative, creative, and optimistic energy to all aspects of his/her work; imagines bold possibilities and musters the courage to go after them

  • Acts from the conviction that the best innovation emerges from diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences


Allows a candidate to build meaningful and productive relationships with a range of stakeholders. A successful candidate:

  • Cultivates strong, collaborative relationships at all levels, drawing on a high degree of emotional intelligence to understand and navigate different stakeholders’ motivations

  • Leverages exceptional interpersonal skills to build trust and influence others towards outcomes

  • Demonstrates a high degree of gravitas, excellent communication skills, and the ability to strategically engage and inspire a wide variety of audiences

  • Demonstrates a strong belief in the value of diverse teams and skillfully engages across lines of difference

  • Sets an inspiring vision for change and shepherds others through that change with humility and empathy


Allows a candidate to effectively lead multiple work streams and execute ambitious projects. A successful candidate:

  • Has a strong track record of follow-through, and exceptional prioritization and task management skills

  • Translates big-picture vision into actionable goals, milestones, and deliverables; regularly compares actual progress to planned milestones and adjusts course accordingly

  • Demonstrates a strong sense of urgency, a bias for action, and comfort with ambiguity -- and flexibility to change with new learnings